December 29, 2019

Fun Fact: The park’s diverse landscape supports more than 400 species.

Here we come Operation Coon. 

We survived the Death Valley 😉 and we are finally here at Yosemite National Park.

It is 1200 and No raccoon in sight. We will see. I love raccoons and when I was young I swear I saw someone in hour village who had one. No one believed me so that was that. But I know what i saw. I don’t know why no one likes those cute, helpful rodents. I will keep you updated. Over and out for now on operation Coon.  As of yet no Raccoons but look what I saw…

California. Here we are. WOW. I mean I know that Yosemite is in California, but when you think California (or when i do) i immediately think beaches and the pacific. Of course there is so much more to it. And I knew that but neither the less I was stunned by the beauty of it. Not just Yosemite, other places in this great wonderful state as well. But later more. Now Yosemite. 

As all good things come to an end this one has to, too. Unfortunately. I don’t want to leave. I really would love to have more time here! But I will be back.

So long for now and off we go to our next Destination San Francisco.