January 5, 2020

Fun Fact: The Model for the Bear on the State Flag Lived in Golden Gate Park

From Yosemite we did a little Detour on our way to SanFran as the locals call it. A little bit further up north – Napa Valley. Wine country. Hello my sweet sweet Darling. We should have stayed there so we could have done some wine tasting. But we had to drive. Again. I will be back for you, too 🙂

Not only was it important to us to see the famous Golden Gate Bridge but to drive over it. And thanks to Napa we had it on our direct Route to the City. 

And the dream came true. I always heard San Francisco is up in the air or rather up in the clouds. And so it was. It was as if she just drove up in the air. What a weird feeling it was. Suddenly it was gray and cold. We had to get our coats out of our bags to walk around later. Coming from Napa walking around in the war sunshine without any coats this was a quick turn of weather events. But we wer prepared so no harm done to us. Thankfully no cold or anything like that. 

Anywho over the bridge we go. Amazing. It went to quickly by. I could have easily driven over and over again over the Bridge. Maybe another hour or so. But we went off to our hotel. 

Boy was I glad my friend was driving. Suddenly i felt like in a Rocket (well this is how i believe it would feel) We were almost parallel to the verticals. That was very weird. I have been to several places with ups and downs but I was not prepared for this. 

My friend mastered this like a pro and we arrived safely to our Hotel- Motel. Tipp on the side – check if you have an included parking space, when you travel by car. Especially in cities like SanFran where you can discover the city greatly without one and can live greatly without this expensive parking fees. Sounds straight forward but we didn’t pay attention to this all the time, as we were used to having parking spaces as included. 

So bags in and jackets out. Off for the first almost evening walk to get a glimpse before the next days. 

A cable car. ^^There it was :))))) kewl. We did go on a ride of course. One way trip $7.00. It was worth it. Went from the Union square to Fishermans Wharf So a win win Situation. We wanted to go to the Bay Area anyway. Great walk on the wharf. 

Pier 39, Financial District, Chinatown, Lombard Street or Twin Peaks – so much so sea and do. Thankfully this city has a good size to it so it is possible to see a lot of things in a little time. Even for those Full House fans like me. Did I mention the famous prison Alcatraz yet? No, well here you go. Another little things to do and see.

If you go or rather when you go to Pier 39, visit the famous sea lions. Gosh I could have stayed there all day and I am sure that one of them was following us to the other side. She wanted to have a little swim around the island for sure.

So now our ways have to take on different direction San Fran. But I am very sure that we see each other again. Now we are off to our next great Adventure the Highway 1