#Route66 – or U.S Highway 66 ;-) You choose. And do it wisely.

November 17, 2019

Fun Fact: Also known as the Main street of America or the Mother Road. 

A dream come true. On the historic Route 66 on our way to the Grand Canyon (which is another big dream that may have come true – so stay tuned to find out if it really happened).

Passing through some interesting small towns on our way from Albuquerque, New Mexico to Arizona on the Route US 66

No. 1 stop on the way is Gallup, New Mexico. If you take the direct Route from Albuquerque to Flagstaff this is just about in the middle. Apparently it used to be a popular Location in the 40s & 50s for Hollywood Westerns. Didn’t know that before hand but boy am I happy to have been there. Westerns such as ‚Pursued‘, ‚A Distant Trumpet‘ and ‚The Hallelujah Trail‘ were filmed there.  So if you want to follow the famous movie stars check out the historic El Rancho Hotel!

No. 2 drive through – is Holbrook, AZ. Cool place I must say. If you come from Europe this is something you don’t see everyday. Or at any time. Maybe somewhere but I have not been there. So if you have some suggestions please let me know. Happy to hear from Just saying dinosaurs and wigwams. Just Check it out. 

Flagstaff – oh boy oh boy. I think i could stay here a little longer. First impressions: perfect beautiful little town. Gorgeous I might say. Go and have a stroll downtown. 

Ok, little or very much off topic – you don’t see it here but auto correct changed stroll to stroke….good thing I saw it because this is obviously not what i meant at all, but i thought it was a little funny and was a must share with you. Sorry. But go and and have a stoke…. I mean come on it is worth mentioning.

Ok moving on back to the whole Flagstaff topic thing. So this is the prefect spot to get a good nights sleep before going to this place of Rocks everyone is raving about. I guess we will see what the hype is all about 😛 

It is a really good and nice spot location wise and things to do wise before you want to see the Canyon. Stay a few days or a week. It is worth it.

This one is a little bit shorter but I wanted to dedicate the Grand Canyon its own personal Post – the one it deserves. 

And not to worry we will be back on the Route 66 again 🙂

So all that is left to say here is have a lookout for my next Blog post on our drive to and inside – I think you guessed it – well done all the Sherlocks – it is indeed the Grand Canyon National Park. Wow, just writing about it gives me chills.