On the Rod to #Texas

October 28, 2019

Texas the Lone Star State 🙂

Fun Fact : Texas joined the union as the 28th state in 1845

And off we go to our next destination. From Memphis we went to to Jackson. From there on we wanted out trip to continue to New Orleans but unfortunately we could not do that due to the Hurricane Barry. So we adapted and went straight to Texas. Austin to be exact. 

Off we go over the Mississippi River across the Horace Wilkinson Bridge. We were lucky to get over – the water was already relatively high and a few hours later would have been so even more. So thank goodness we were able to continue our Trip directly to Austin. New Orleans I will be back for you! I always wanted to go there it was one of our main cities to see on this trip. But now was not the time. Most important is that everyone is save and sound!

On our way there we made a well deserved lunch stop at this beautiful diner next to the river. The food was traditional south American food but to me the bets part was that there wer so many turtles in the river. I love turtles. and I am glad i didn’t see an alligator chasing me down the street. Yep, I think that is far better.

Over bridges, swamps to some totally different landscape. I could not believe it. Beautiful is an understatement. Sometimes I had the feeling I was in a zombie apocalypse or an Extra on the Walking Dead 🙂 . It was so empty and no one was to be seen. Some buildings or even whole streets were abandoned.

Have a lookout for my next Blog post on Austin, TX.