January 19, 2020

City of Angels. Here we are. 

Never did I think it would take me that long to get here. If you grow up with all those Hollywood Movies you it feels like a home to you. 

I have to say my bar was so high, the mount Everest couldn’t cut it. So naturally my first reaction was a bit of a lot of disappointment.  But having said that I also know that I will be back. As we didn’t plan enough time here. We really underestimated the distances and the drum rolle please FAMOUS LA TRAFFIC. But to be fair I don’t think one can ask for a better LA get to know welcome Lifestyle. 

So there was a lot we couldn’t see because time was of the essence. For example downtown, A movie studio tour ( we just went in front of the Universal Studio), Venice, Griffith Observatory, Grand central market …and some more places. We were here 2.5 days and this was plenty for us in other cities. Even NYC (fine we stayed 3.5 days there) but this I didn’t expect.

People say you either love or hate this city. For now I do neither. As I can’t tell after such a short stay. There is this first impression but if I want to go back and see more of it it can’t be that disappointing after all. 

But let’s start from the beginning. 

Our way from the Highway 1, from Malibu to be exact or rather Ventura, as we stayed there, went on to Malibu Beach to have a swim and not be eaten by sharks of course and drove to ur place in Pasadena, were we stayed. This was a conscious choice, as we were afraid the traffic would hit us hard when we stayed in LA. Well it hit us anyway and we were for about 3-4 hours longer as we expected. Thankfully we made it in time for our Dodgers Game at the Dodgers Stadium. LA Dodgers VS Angels. Last game of the season or a summer break I don’t know. But I never saw a Baseball game before as we don’t really have that as much in Europe. We had different plans for the day but well we made it for that and that was all that mattered. 

Tipp on the side: If you want to see a match go and take the subway, or metro or tube or however you call it. We left our car (because we were afraid of traffic but also we needed a break from the last 6 hours) we took the Metro. BEST DECISION EVER! We walked along hundred if not more cars who were standing in – YES – you guessed correctly- in traffic. We made it in time and so many cars were stuck. They must have missed half of the game if not more. Some might have not gotten in time at all. 

Awesome seats, awesome view. And here we are in the midst of it all. Please don’t hate me if you are into sports but the most stunning thing to me was this mesmerizing Sunset. WOW. No more words needed. It really did look like in the movies. No Filter or any other tricks. This was real. 

After the game we wanted to go the same way we came to the Metro. And gosh I couldn’t believe it. A man who worked there old us we shouldn’t go in the dark this way, they offer a free Bus service to the Station and we can take the Metro back from there. So kind and sweet. I know this might be common sense to you all but to me this was very kind and sweet. 

And that was hour first half day. Good night for now. 

Good morning second day in Los Angeles. Off we go to make our way to Hollywood to take a sight seeing Tour. I usually don’t like taking those and see things by myself but due to lack of time and the wide spread area or LA and not wanting to drive we decided this is a great idea. 

We went to Chinatown and waited for the Bus. And waited and waited. Somehow there was no clear stop nor any information. Not sure if this is not so common or just not in this area but surely someone must know that things like that exist? Mmmh well my friend had roaming so she called the company and the send us to another place. Near a beautiful lille market square. 

Pass the Hollywood sign, into some more traffic. We lost another 2-3 hours on that way and made it finally to the Hollywood walk of fame. The Chinese Theatre, the Jimmy Kimmel studio. We did not win any cards before hand (yes I applied but even though I would have not said the Name Matt Damon out lout we didn’t get in) But Faith wanted to at least show us a glimpse of it. 

They filmed just outside the Studio and had Game with some passengers, which we later that night had to watch and did watch on TV.  

We checked out some of our Hollywood stars on the walk of fame and just had a look around before we had to get on the Bus. 

On the Bus we were and first stop was Beverly Hills, 90210 Baby. My 90s have returned to me 🙂 The Rodeo Drive, the Regent Beverly Wilshire Hotel (Pretty Woman was filmed there), Melrose Ave, Pinks Hot Dogs, the club Viper or the Viper room more accurately (previously owned by Johnny Depp) 

Here is the Bus tour we went with and you can find a more detailed map on there. 


I am not sure if all the Busses specify around the stars of the world or just our specific tour but there were more specific tours to see where the stars live but we were not interested in that. 

We run quickly out off time as we were in another little traffic stop and so we could not make our movie tour we had planned for the day. I really hope for some movie magic in this city but i didn’t get it. Maybe it is long gone, maybe i looked in the wrong places or maybe i just didn’t had enough time. So many maybes. As I said before I am not giving up looking. 

Fortunately we were able to take the Bus up to Universal Studios and see the Area around it. The Bus driver was so lovely he said he can wait 5 Minutes so we can quickly go and see the Universal sign and had a peak inside. The kindness of strangers of this trip was something else. For sure more chatty than us Europeans but taking so much time in their day to actually help and not just get rid of us was beyond a beautiful experience. A sentence I keep with me everyday is Be kind to one another. Not sure if Ellen said it second or me first but either way this is a great way to live and love by. 

And this gets us closer and closer back home. The End of the road (literally – as we did a Road trip if you didn’t follow it from the beginning).

Our last night was filled with some shopping at Whole Foods, Trader Joes and Target. finding things to take home. 

And to end the night we went LA style with hour car to the In and Out Burger in Pasadena and a a lovely last LA meal in our Jeep Cheroke – or as we called him Marvin Cornelius the 3rd. 

Good night City of Lights. 

Time to fly back home. LAX here we come. We started very early to be on the safe side due to the traffic if i haven’t mentioned it before. And as one might guess right we did not get into much traffic this fine morning. Maybe 30 minutes. I mean thankfully! 

We gave our precious Marvin back (you will be missed – you brought us from the Atlantic across wilderness, forests, mountains, cities, desserts, swamps, heavy rain and so on and so forth – safely across to the pacific. We will be eternally grateful and maybe our paths will cross again. If not I am sure that you will make someone very happy someday. 

LAX – is like a whole city or town of its own. 

We took a shuttle Bus from our car rental to our gate and boy this took a while. (not very long but definitely longer than we are used to in Europe).

Days passed by and we got to our gate. Kidding of course. And there we were back on an airport as if we just arrived. It went by so quickly and in this short time we saw so much. so much variety which I have not expected. 

Good Bye, Au revoir,  So long, Auf wiedersehen USA.  For sure a See you soon, raccoon. Well one can hope at least for a racoon. 😉

Over and out. Kisses, Sandra.