February 24, 2020

Time to visit one of my favorite cities of all – London town 🙂

This time I will go around with my analogue camera and shoot on film. Exciting times – especially to wait and see the results after. How i missed or rather miss this. Shooting on film is just the best thing to me. I would love to do it more often and I am trying as much as I can. 

Let us start with one of my favorite walks to do in London- South Bank Walk. Best of this amazing city on foot. Starting from Big Ben toward the London Eye, the Aquarium. Towards the Tower Bridge. You will walk pass the Tate Modern, you see St. Paul’s Cathedral, walk by the Shakespeares Globe and see so many different things on your way there. These are the biggest ob the list when you want to do a little touristy walk with a beautiful and magical twist. I love it. Everytime I have some time I am walking down there. A little beach? No problem. A little market – check. And this is just to name a few. There is plenty for everyone to see and you win not get disappointed. Every corner is different and has new things to get surprised by. So enjoy and keep yips eyes open to take all in. Just kidding, even after walking this one a lot of times I experience you things every time. One does not get tired of this one.

Check out my recent London trip. Enjoy. xoxo Sandra 
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