December 8, 2019

Fun Fact: There are 148,690 hotel rooms in Las Vegas.

What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. Everyone heard that one before for sure. Everyone knows it. 

So coming from the famous Route 66 and the amazing Hoover Dam here we finally come. So excited 🙂

Vegas Baby, I can’t believe I am finally here. Hotel was awesome. In a quiet street just next to the strip. 2 Minutes and we are in town. It was very late, after we went to the strip and coming from this peaceful quiet street into something just different. as if we have entered the door to Narnia or so. Out of no where out of nothing out of the dark. There it was. Lights everywhere. So down we go past all the amazing places to see.  Welcome Paradise or Hello, Sin City.

Off we go to Fremont Street, in Downtown Las Vegas. Las Vegas Strip we are here! How awesome was that suddenly i was back in Venice just to be a few minutes later in Paris. We started in NYC and there it was again. I thought we left but apparently we never left. Maybe some new Virtual Reality Tourism thing. We never left Europe. I am just sitting in my room. 

Any who. Wow was it hot. it was night and i felt like a am stranded in a desert. Maybe it was just an outta space ‘Fata Morgana‘. Las Vegas does not really exist. Ok enough with the theories, for now 😉

Crickets were following us everywhere and music just came out trees. We rushed quickly to no other than the Bellagio Hotel to see what I have seen in Ocean’s 11 – the water show. That was something. A must do if you are there. And less hustle than getting married in chapel for sure. 

But not to worry the show is on a lot, not sure if every half or every hour but a lot. 

After walking down the strip through some nicely cool ( I mean literally) malls with everything that one can want we made our way to the Casino of course. And we picked no other than the Mirage for that venture. 

I think they should get a map or an app for navigation in there. Holy….was that huge. (usually i would insert an that’s what she said joke buuuuuut i do it anyway 🙂 ) 

If you are staying there you really don’t have to move out of there ever again. Everything was in there like a whole little town. 

So after hours of walking ( joke – based on true events) we found some one armed bandits we wanted to start off with. 

Well lets say I am still writing this blog article soooooooo you guessed it right – we did not win.

But heck what a fun night out it was. And even if you are not into playing or gambling or however the right term here is – just put in a dollar at least – so you made the experience. I mean come on, lets be honest – if you go to Vegas you don’t go for the nice city view. Which is an absolute plus. I would have loved to do a helicopter tour the next day or rather night to see it from above would be an absolute stunner. 

Well we went to the famous Las Vegas sign, wich is a little bit away from the strip so if you are on the other hand, maybe walking in the heat would not be the best idea. There are some parking slots available but not so many that it would be enough for all. And if you want a photo with the famous sign you will have to wait a little. I dient want myself on there so i could just walk near it. Saved some time. 

To finish off this city trip we went wait for it – shopping of course. Not that we didn’t spend enough last night. NOOOOOO, there is no such thing in Vegas. So off we went. Aaaaaaaaaand we lost some time and money. First time we were a little behind on our Road trip. 

WOW. What a trip it was. Am I glad we stayed in Las Vegas. First we just wanted to drive through and have a look for a couple of hours. It was on neither our must do’s or see’s but I am so glad we stayed there. I can only recommended. Even if you hate or love it. Either way this is a total different experience, especially if you are from Europe. 

So bye bye Vegas and hell our next destination. Yosemite National Park. But before that we have to make it. I am just saying Area 51 and Death Valley. As inviting as both of them sound we will see if we can make it to our next stop. So long for now. Over and out.