What an amazing Feeling this is. I am so humbled and excited to be published in Vogue Italia. And here is the Link to my Profile.

23 Jun, 2020


Have a look @ my newest editorial for Bring me Magazine

3 Jun, 2020


Austrias Capital Vienna is indeed a beautiful one. No one should argue that. Probably no one could ;-). Full of History, culture and so much to see and do for every taste and interest. I might add to an affordable price as well. I am you can always splurge everywhere but sometimes it is a little …

7 Apr, 2020


When you live and work in an exciting big city with lots to offer like Berlin sometimes you forget to play tourist and appreciate the beautiful things that are with you each day.  So I made a few trips to show you a different side to Berlin. One for the nature and adventure lover. And …

18 Mar, 2020


Next of my I can visit over and over again – forever and forever. Here I come City of Love – I am sure you guessed it by now (and not because the title says is already!)  – Paris, mon amie.  I did not stay that long this time so I just did a few …

9 Mar, 2020


Time to visit one of my favorite cities of all – London town 🙂 This time I will go around with my analogue camera and shoot on film. Exciting times – especially to wait and see the results after. How i missed or rather miss this. Shooting on film is just the best thing to …

24 Feb, 2020


Sustainable clothing is finally in fashion. It took a long time and there is still a long way to go but one step after another.  On the topic climate change a friend of mine an upcoming fashion designer created this beautiful unique piece.  The shooting took place in the place to be – Berlin. Personally, …

10 Feb, 2020


Not the marvel universe but my version of a cinematic moment.  Combining theatre, film and photo into one. A long lasting wish of mine that finally came true.   Thanks to the beautiful Lumiere in Göttingen – where the famous Steidl Verlag is residing. Just saying Karl Lagerfeld – and if you go through some of …

27 Jan, 2020


City of Angels. Here we are.  Never did I think it would take me that long to get here. If you grow up with all those Hollywood Movies you it feels like a home to you.  I have to say my bar was so high, the mount Everest couldn’t cut it. So naturally my first …

19 Jan, 2020


Fun Fact: The highway is famous for running along some of the most beautiful coastlines in the USA. This is why people sometimes call it an “All-American Road” Pacific Coast Highway, California State Route 1, Highway 1 – it has many names but everyone agrees it is one of the most beautiful Roadtrips as stated on JUST EVERWHERE.  …

14 Jan, 2020


Fun Fact: The Model for the Bear on the State Flag Lived in Golden Gate Park From Yosemite we did a little Detour on our way to SanFran as the locals call it. A little bit further up north – Napa Valley. Wine country. Hello my sweet sweet Darling. We should have stayed there so we …

5 Jan, 2020


Fun Fact: The park’s diverse landscape supports more than 400 species. Here we come Operation Coon.  We survived the Death Valley 😉 and we are finally here at Yosemite National Park. It is 1200 and No raccoon in sight. We will see. I love raccoons and when I was young I swear I saw someone …

29 Dec, 2019


Fun Fact: Death Valley is the driest place in the country. In 1929, there was not a single drop of rain recorded in Death Valley. Bye bye Area 51. Twas nice to have been near you 🙂 One word: hot hot hot. Ok fine, three words 😉 It was 114 Fahrenheit ( about 45,5 Celsius …

22 Dec, 2019


Fun Fact: It was previously referred to as „Paradise Ranch“ to make it sound more attractive to those working there. Other Nicknames are the Ranch, Watertown, Dreamland. Bye bye Las Vegas and Hello Area 51. Boy this was subtle. Driving by was so funny. First I have to tell you that t´was the time where …

15 Dec, 2019


Fun Fact: There are 148,690 hotel rooms in Las Vegas. What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. Everyone heard that one before for sure. Everyone knows it.  So coming from the famous Route 66 and the amazing Hoover Dam here we finally come. So excited 🙂 Vegas Baby, I can’t believe I am finally here. …

8 Dec, 2019

#Route66 #HooverDam #LasVegas

And off we go again. Next up Route 66, Hoover Dam and Las Vegas, Baby. I can’t believe I am having those three words in one sentence.  First or next stop – Seligman– if you feel like returning to the 50s, here is your chance. But don’t get fooled by the small town hype. It is …

1 Dec, 2019

#GrandCanyon – no more words needed.

Fun Fact: Grand Canyon is 277 miles long, up to 18 miles wide and has a depths of something around 6000 feet. As i mentioned it before a dream come true for me. I can’t wait. Excitement is taking over me.  And let me tell you know. It did not disappoint. You know when you …

24 Nov, 2019

#Route66 – or U.S Highway 66 😉 You choose. And do it wisely.

Fun Fact: Also known as the Main street of America or the Mother Road.  A dream come true. On the historic Route 66 on our way to the Grand Canyon (which is another big dream that may have come true – so stay tuned to find out if it really happened). Passing through some interesting …

17 Nov, 2019

#NewMexico – Road to Albuquerque!

Bye bye Texas, I hope to see you soon. It was a magical delight. – But now – #Roswell – beam me up 🙂 Up the Hill and down we go through snakes and lizards and tarantulas we show.  Just kidding – thankfully i have not seen any of the above. Or else i guess I …

11 Nov, 2019

#Austin – here we are ya´ll!

Fun Fact : Austin has the largest urban bat colony in North America. Well, what best way to start off the texan lifestyle than with a proper Texas Barbecue in a real hot spot in Austin – the green Mesquite BBQ.  In every place you have to play the god old tourist but we were …

4 Nov, 2019