January 14, 2020

Fun Fact: The highway is famous for running along some of the most beautiful coastlines in the USA. This is why people sometimes call it an “All-American Road”

Pacific Coast Highway, California State Route 1, Highway 1 – it has many names but everyone agrees it is one of the most beautiful Roadtrips as stated on JUST EVERWHERE. 

There are a lot of incredible stops on this Route so really take some time here. It might not be the longest Route if you want to go from San Francisco to Los Angeles. But there are so many beautiful places to see on this Route. 

Especially if you are into Photography as much as I am you really want to stop EVERYWHERE 😉 

I almost forgot to mention in my previous Post – THE freaking PACIFIC OCEAN! WOW. First time for everything. 

First on our stop the Santa Cruz Diner. I saw this Article in the National Geographic Edition. Some Road trip ideas on the West coast, especially the Highway 1. I saw it and i love it. To be more specific. I saw the shark on the wall, which gave me this Nostalgic Hollywood Movie Feeling (JAWS if you didn’t catch my drift with the elephant (or shark- hihi) in the room. 

They also had some veggie choices which I didn’t expect. I mean sure there are pancakes and some other choices but i had finally my American Hot Dog veggie style. And very delicious I might add. 

Monterey – this is a must do. I just wanted to see the Whales to be honest as I read this is one of the hot spots to do that.  These places are worth a visit as they are small town like places.  Monterey Bay Whale Watch was just great – they really respect the animals and they habitat. They never disturbed or got to close or anything: I felt like this was a middle ground to see whales on a boat and let them be in peace. Bring binoculars! And of course the Bay area is beautiful and walkable. As some other places this is also a small place but worth while place to see. It won’t take up much time off of your tour.

Carmel-by-the-sea was our next hot spot to go and see. We didn’t go to the sea side but to the little romantic town on Ocean Avenue where the shops and galleries are. It was absolutely beautiful there and also a nice place to visit on your route.

Off we go to the famous Big Sur! If you look up stunning landscape this place comes up. WOW.

The classic and famous Bixby Creek Bridge as seen on Big Little lies for example. To drive over this famous Bridge gives you the chills. Be careful to look ahead and park on the side. My eyes were wandering off but thank goodness I was in the passengers seat 🙂 The total length of this Bridge is 218 m and 85 m in height. You can Find that beaut in Monterey County & Big Sur. It is on the Highway 1 so you should not be able to miss it. But just in case do a little google search on this as you really don’t want to miss out that while you there anyway.

Morro Bay -Elephant Seal Vista Point – how beautiful. Animals living peacefully in their habitat is just a sight for sore eyes. I wish this would be everywhere in this world. 

Ventura – Here we had a over night stay as this was our middle of the route break and relax time. First off – you guessed it – straight to and into!!! the beach and also the Pier is a must see. My first Baywatch Booth – no Lifeguard though but to be fair it was evening. Check out the town with its City Hall. I mean in general go and take a stroll through the town square and the beautiful little shops filled with antiques. The scenic streets gives you a little taste for Los Angeles. Just smaller, more relaxed, with less people and far far less cars. If you come from the other side and need a little breather from LA but don’t want to be that far away come to Ventura. And now – THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT – if you are hungry you have to go to Finney’s Crafthouse & Kitchen. Yammy yammy yammy! Or thirsty. I am just saying impossible Tacos and parmesan truffle fries – for a very affordable price as well.

And all those famously known places, Newport Beach, Malibu , Santa Barbara, Santa Monica )in no specific order!) 

Yes, yes go and see the Santa Monica Pier. You see, so much to see and do on the other side of the continent. So take some time to see them all or as i mentioned before do some in depth research of what might be of interest to you and plan ahead. Us Europeans underestimate the distance (or can!).

Malibu – Surf City and the Homes of the Hollywoodstars. Also on our way but we just had a quick look on Malibu beach (as we didn’t calculate enough time to also enjoy it all – for LA this is).

Well these were the places we went to but there are plenty more. But because of time we had to make some cuts and priorities some over others. So it is worth having a good look before hand to see what is of interest to you. 

Well and here we go: Final Destination LOS ANGELES!