#GrandCanyon – no more words needed.

November 24, 2019

Fun Fact: Grand Canyon is 277 miles long, up to 18 miles wide and has a depths of something around 6000 feet.

As i mentioned it before a dream come true for me. I can’t wait. Excitement is taking over me.  And let me tell you know. It did not disappoint. You know when you get so hyped and everyone is raving about it and when you go and see it or do it the excitement is slightly smaller than the ones that told you about it? I want to stay slightly disappointed. But not with this. Never ever in a million years multiplied by infinity times infinity. 

So after a good nights sleep – ok partly, it was a short one. The excitement took definitely over, so again it is worth it staying a few days at least cause let me tell you it is not as small as everyone says it is. Ok, i just made this up but it never hurts being reminded of it. If this is a must see for you and you always dreamed of going then don’t do it all in one day. Take your time. If for anything this is it. 

After some great advice from some of the locals we were on our way to the south rim entrance. To be fair it was the closest one but also the one where we did not have to wait. The north rim intakes at least a few hours just driving in – i can’t vouch for that but i choose to believe the locals on that one. After all we did not get disappointed while driving up the south rim entrance. And trust me when I say just the way driving up there was already stunning.  Not only is the south Rim entrance the closest to the Colorado River, so you have als a fantastic water view! 

First off be aware of the most dangerous creature there – I did see the sign just a few minutes after I saw this cute little munchkin being so adorable and friendly on its way toward me….. aaaaaaaaaand we are quickly moving on. ^^

If you are here by car like us be very aware of your surroundings. Be careful and respectful to the space and the animals that are literally on the road. I mean there is a speed limit but it never hurts reading this. 

Just a few more minutes and we would be stunned by the most amazing view I have seen so far. 

See for yourselves. Pictures speak more than thousand words. So here you have it.  

Next up on our long list (that gets smaller every day 🙁 – noooooooo ) is back on track on the Route 66 on our way to the Hoover Dam and wait for it – Las Vegas!