What are your rates?

To provide you with the best service possible my rates are individually customized to what you are looking for. Get in touch with your project and I will get back to you with an offer you can’t refuse. Just joking – you can although you shouldn’t – i will send you a non binding offer of course.

Please send me some details when contacting me about your project.
Some helpful information are for example these following:
  • How many images do you need?
  • What are these photos for? Where do you want to use them? Print, online etc.? Important for the buyout license.
  • How long are they going to be used?
  • Do you already have a concept in mind or do you want me to create a concept ?
  • If there are any other Items on your mind you need me to organize such as Models, Make-up Artist etc.  please let me know. And if you provide them in house please also let me know.
  • Location Location Location – one already on your mind? Already booked?
  • Any other wishes? Special Equipment for example.

And of course if there is anything else just let me know. I am sure we can come to a wonderful agreement.


Where do you work?

Easy peasy – globally of course 🙂

More specific – I work on Location as well as in a studio. And that worldwide.

Do you have a photo studio?

I do. I also know some people who have studios in all form and sizes, which can be rented for the right project. This means for you that we are very flexible and can find the right location for the individual project.

What equipment do you use?

Nikon is my favorite. But that doesn’t mean I am biast. I do have plenty of Cameras in my Office, some digital, some analogue. Such as Canon, Sony, Hasselblad and many many more. So if you want or need a special camera for your project just let me know.

What lighting do you use?

That is a secret I will never tell. And to be it is very important that this is individual. Each project needs a different set up. And i prefer to underline the light to that story or project rather than doing the same light over and over again.  BUT if you have a specific set up in mind – let´s talk about that!

Do you do videos as well?

Depends on what you need. I can do some short image clips and do the post production but if you are looking for some experts in this field I know some great Videographers, cinematographers who I am happy to bring in on your project.

How about drone photos / videos?

Same goes here. I know some talented drone pilots and I can bring those in your project in!

Do you hire Assistants, Interns or Retouchers?

Never change a winning team – I have a great team and very grateful for their wonderful work. So even if  I am not looking for anyone at the moment, that may change. So please get in touch and let me know what you are hoping to do.

I am a Make Up Artist / Stylist & I would like to work with you!

With a  great team in my midst I am happy to work with some other Artist on a TFP Basis to start out. If it works out it is always wonderful to have some talent for future endeavors.

I am a Model & I would like to work with you!

I am happy to work with Models on a TFP Basis to start out. If it works out it is always wonderful to have some talent for future endeavors. Send me some natural photos of you and something about yourself and If I have something that would suit you I will get in touch.

I am doing something else & I want to work with you!

Get in touch and tell me about it!

How far in advance should we book you?

It depends on how urgent you need the project done. Sometimes the time in need it booked out month and sometimes it happened I got a call and a week later we were working on it. I will do by best to schedule you in for your best convenience.

How long does it take to get the final results?

Question returned – when do you need them and what needs to be done, how many… see some things can’t be answered that simple before knowing what YOU need. If you need some retouching on 20 images done this might take a while. Just let me know when and how and I can advise you if this is realistic or not. I will work 24/7 to get the deadline done so do not worry about that. Communication is key – in my mind everything is possible. If there is a lot to be done in post we can always get more people on board to make the timeline for example.

Do you provide prints?

Depending on the Size you need. So let me know. If it is not feasible for me to Print it I can always refer you to someone who does wonderful work.

Do you also shoot analogue?

I do 🙂 this is how I started and I still photograph analogue from time to time.

Who has the copyright to the images?

The Copyright belongs to the photographer and this will always stay that way. It it not possible to buy the copyright.

If you want more information on that topic have a look here:


How long does a photo shooting take?

I wish I would have a better answer than: Well, this is individual. It all depends all on your project. But once I have all the information I can give you a better estimate. So get in touch and tell me all about your plans.

Last but not least - Why should be book you?

I am glad you asked 🙂

I am creative at heart yet well organized, reliable, professional and just working to create the best outcome possible for your project.


If you have some interesting ideas or more questions – I am glad to hear from you!