December 22, 2019

Fun Fact: Death Valley is the driest place in the country. In 1929, there was not a single drop of rain recorded in Death Valley.

Bye bye Area 51. Twas nice to have been near you 🙂

One word: hot hot hot. Ok fine, three words 😉 It was 114 Fahrenheit ( about 45,5 Celsius ) when we were there and there was a sign not to have AC on – so HOT sums it up preeeeeetty good. And I don’t mean the spicy hot. The super warm sweat melting to my bones hot. 

Death Valley – As you can imagine we didn’t do any hiking, big photoshoots or had a picnic there. We just went through with the car and had a look at one stop. Got our, made some photos and went very quickly back to the car. It was warm in the car but not as hot as outside. It was impressive but i don’t have to go back there again. If you like the hot temperature it is the right place for you. One thing we wanted to do but didn’t get around  make some eggs on our car hood.  Apparently February is nice about 70 Fahrenheit. Maybe or most definitely this is a better time to visit. Not July! 

So our stay was not of the long kind, although it felt like it. We made it through to the other side and were looking forward to our next destination on our trip – Yosemite National Park. Fingers crossed I see a raccoon.