January 27, 2020

Not the marvel universe but my version of a cinematic moment. 

Combining theatre, film and photo into one. A long lasting wish of mine that finally came true.  

Thanks to the beautiful Lumiere in Göttingen – where the famous Steidl Verlag is residing. Just saying Karl Lagerfeld – and if you go through some of your Helmut Newton Books have a look. My last one was indeed from Steidl.

This great little old town in the middle of Germany is not so known to many but some very famous people and  are from here like Uta Hagen.

Nostalgic off-cinema magic. Just enter and you get the atmosphere you want.

Cinema – whether it is a first date or a Date night for long time couples, friends going together or just a menage a one for yourself to go and see. I loved doing this, especially when I lived in Paris. The magical atmosphere that surrounded some places was so incredible and stuck with me so that I wanted to keep that beautiful moment and capture it. Finally i found a beautiful little place where I could do this. 

Here is some more work of mine. Check it out.