March 18, 2020

When you live and work in an exciting big city with lots to offer like Berlin sometimes you forget to play tourist and appreciate the beautiful things that are with you each day. 

So I made a few trips to show you a different side to Berlin. One for the nature and adventure lover. And the best of all these: Those places are less than an hour away. Just next door. 

First of all I did a hidden Berlin tour – to a haunted and burned down hospital. So I went while it was day. For the obvious reason to photograph of course not because I would  be scared. Hell no. Not me 😉

Second trip is to Potsdam – Beautiful little hidden place. And not to worry while you are there, there is so much more to do and see. For example the famous Glienicker Brücke.

Next trip is to the famous Teufelsberg

And last but not least I went to Pfaueninsel which is translated into Peackock Island. Yes you read right. I do mean indeed the beautiful and majestic animal Peackock. Who live there. To get there you have to take a little 10 second ferry. I could swim over there but maybe in milder temperatures 🙂 

Gosh, how beautiful. And it is literally next door. I can’t believe it. Wannsee is one of my favorite places to go. Within a few minutes you are surrounded by this wonderful nature and you can get away from the hectic city live. It is just pure bliss to have this so close by and not have to drive hours and hours to get away from the city and take a little break and breath. 

Check out my other trips to Paris or London for example. Enjoy. xoxo Sandra