December 15, 2019

Fun Fact: It was previously referred to as „Paradise Ranch“ to make it sound more attractive to those working there. Other Nicknames are the Ranch, Watertown, Dreamland.

Bye bye Las Vegas and Hello Area 51. Boy this was subtle. Driving by was so funny. First I have to tell you that t´was the time where everyone wanted to storm Are 51 so you can imagine the looks we got for asking if the know where it is. I had no idea that no one knew the exact location. 

Anyhow we passed an absolute large space from the US Air Force and it could be no other than this Area. If you have a look at the map how big this space is – almost the whole state. Amazing to just think about the free space given. 

Driving a few minutes further we arrive at a very subtle place with the Area 51 Museum and Cafe

If you want to keep it a secret….mmmmh maybe a different approach would be a good idea here? I don’t know but it was cool to just drive by. 

This was about it – I mean we did want to ask for a tour but decided not to. Maybe a good idea. 🙂

Well, one place survived! Off to the next one- Death Valley. Here we come….I am afraid of no heat.