#NewMexico – Road to Albuquerque!

November 11, 2019

Bye bye Texas, I hope to see you soon. It was a magical delight. – But now – #Roswell – beam me up 🙂

Up the Hill and down we go through snakes and lizards and tarantulas we show. 

Just kidding – thankfully i have not seen any of the above. Or else i guess I would have been so fast in Alaska…

Our Route was from Austin up to San Angelo (still Texas), next up Roswell (already NM) and last but not least. Albuquerque.

Fun Fact: Roswell tourist industry is based on alien-themed stores, museums and other businesses.

Following the footsteps of Breaking Bad. I LOVE this show. I mean i love love it. So there was no doubt that i had to go to Albuquerque. It had to be done.  

But before our next Destination we had a looooooooooong way to go. And on this way were some really great places on our way. For instance: Roswell, New Mexico.

After some Abductions off we go to Albuquerque.

Historic Old Town Plaza – Gosh how stunning. Again I did not expect that. I don’t know what I was expecting but certainly not this. Really stunned about the atmosphere in this place. Some magic for sure.

There even is Candyland… sounds familiar, hej? Anyone ? Django Unchained -Tarantino? DiCaprio as Mr. Candie? No its is surely not. And Don’t call me Shirley :P. It was more south 😉 a little off topic but if you have not seen it yet (please leave immediately) – kidding – maybe 😛 put it on your watchlist. 

Have a lookout for my next Blog post on our drive on the drum rolle please… ROUTE 66… Spoiler alert – Life is a Highway and Fast Car on the Radio. Loud. Very Loud. Can you guess where we go after that? Well, wait and see. WAIT. AND. SEE. or READ 🙂

Gallup and Flagstaff just before the GRAND CANYON.