Pencil drawing of woman

Sandra Alice

Who in the world am I? Ah, that´s the great puzzle.

Lewis Carroll


Vogue Italia, Art of Portrait, Assuré Magazine, Bring me Magazine, Fotoforum, New Face Magazine, Ondine Magazine, Onlychild Magazine, Philocaly Mag, Solis Magazine, Volant Magazine

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1. place, Category Generationen »Geschwister« // People // The fotoforum Award 4/2018


MediaGallery Berlin // Mein Weg in die Zukunft // 24. May – 6. July 2018

Once upon a time I held a camera and took my first photo…

But before I amaze you with all those reasons why you should hire me I would like to tell you a little about myself: When I was a little girl I didn’t desire to be a princess or a doctor, I wanted to be like MacGyver or part of the A-Team. Also: a photographer! And since the A-Team never called I went on to another path.

Earning a Bachelor of Arts degree in Drama at Kingston University London set me the right direction. London with its world famous arts culture right at my doorstep the Drama degree taught me a better insight of the human mind and also the importance of light. Positioning, shaping and manipulation of it.

As a trained photographer I utilize drama to enhance the storytelling through communication and creativity.

To be a photographer is to own the world for me. My passion never stops – it keeps growing every day!

… Once upon a time I held a camera and took my first photo. Since then I never put it down.

Portrait of Sandra Alice